Squirrel Professional at the Parliament Building

Squirrel has been an integral part of the Legislative Dining Room's business here in B.C.'s capital city, and we're happy to be installing their upgraded Squirrel Professional Version 8 system during their holiday break session.

This upgrade employs some of the latest high-tech equipment from Squirrel including the Workstation 10LX (Linux-based) terminals and high-speed Epson TM-T88V printers, not to mention a wall mount kit for one of the terminals and printers.

Workstation 10 Thinline SeriesIn order to keep years of past sales data, our technicians performed an "image conversion" on the database which allows us to upgrade the interface and software while keeping all of the settings and menu items in tact! OBS finds that this is the most efficient path to achieve a successful upgrade with the fewest programming issues, which results in this solution being extremely cost-effective to our customers.

If your Point-of-Sale system is in need of an upgrade please email one of our sales team members to schedule a free consultation.



2014-12-19 - 13:53:14