Squirrel Hospitality POS Software


“If you thought Squirrel was old, complicated and too expensive it’s time to take another look”


Squirrel has been developing leading edge technology specifically for the Hospitality Industry for over 29 years - they continue to do so with new advancements and releases such as:  

-          Squirrel Version 8.0 with a new, easy to use, functional (very nice to look at) Graphical Interface designed     with human factors engineering in mind 

-          new Work Station 10 “Thin line” – the fastest and sexiest terminal you will find - designed specifically for     the sometimes harsh hospitality environments – comes with a full 3 year manufactures   warranty        (available in both black and white) 

-          an award winning solution centre with 2 minute hold times – “when was the last time you heard of this"  open 365 days per year 7 days per week 24 hours per day  

-          Squirrel Mobility wireless interface for iPAD and Android devices 

-          PCI compliant wireless Pay at the Table credit card and debit solutions   

-          Squirrel software upgrades to the latest software developed by Squirrel  


“Here’s the best part – Victoria's Owen Business Systems and Squirrel provide you all of this and more at a price that is comparable and sometimes lower to all other major Point of Sale companies”    

                                                Squirrel Work Station 10 Thinline and iPAD interfce                                     Squirrel Version 8.0