Embassy Inn Victoria and Squirrel Professional

Embassy Inn Victoria is a long standing hotel with 2 separate structures, the original structure built in Mid Century Modern in the 1950's and the newer portion which was built in the 1980's.

The Embassy Inn installed their original Squirrel System in May 1999. The Squirrel was still one of the original DOS Systems until recently. After getting 14 years out of their original Squirrel it was time for an upgrade.

The Embassy Inn updated their system to the latest version of Squirrel Professional and added a new Back Office P/C with Dual RAID Hard drives, new Squirrel Work Station 9 terminals and Squirrel's Hotel Property Management Interface to Inn Control making it quick and easy for servers to add a guests bill to their hotel room invoice.

For questions on Squirrel Professional or Squirrel in a Box + contact our sales department at 250 383-7134